“Nutrition”, a kind of body maintenance system, which includes every type of balance diet like, growth and reproduction. Nutrition controls the metabolism of our body from birth to death, especially when a baby is born, when new baby born that time the only source of food or nutrition is his/her mother’s feeding, scientifically from birth to 6 months a baby should be fully rely on feeding the reason is mother’s feed have all the required natural nutrients which will help in tremendous growth of children, which will be beneficial for life time.
Nutrition is like a building home, if your base is strong, then your upper floors will be strong as well, the same thing come in human body if you are decorated with strong nutritional growth, then you will not face the growth and fitness deficiency problem in your normal life, so as we grow older, our nutritional requirements also increase because by default nutrition handles major tasks, like digestion to excretion, fitness to diseases, formation of blood and antibodies etc. for fulfill nutritional requirements, we have to be authenticate about the sources from where we can complete our required nutrition’s.
There are two types of Nutrition:
1). Macro Nutrients: These are nutrients which our body required in large quantity and the sources of macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and water.
2). Micro Nutrients: These nutrients required in small quantity and the source of micronutrients is minerals.