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Question: 1

First World War started from:

Question: 2

In 1867 the USA purchased Alaska from:

Question: 3

Texila University was Established by the king of:

Question: 4

Hundred year War was fought in between:

Question: 5

When third battle of Panipat fought:

Question: 6

Headquarter of Ghandhara Civilization is:

Question: 7

Taj mahal in Agra (India) was built by emperor:

Question: 8

Pigeon is the symbol of:

Question: 9

A Black Flag represents:

Question: 10

Tsunami is a word of which of the following language:

Question: 12

Persian was official language of sindh during:

Question: 13

Where is Emperor of Akbr Tomb:

Question: 14

Darfur is a conflict in:

Question: 15

1st Nobel prize was awarded in:

Question: 16

Tomb of Hazrat Sultan Bahu:

Question: 17

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi was the son of:

Question: 18

Who is called the Father of History:

Question: 19

What was the name of Atomic Bomb that dropped on the city of Hiroshima:

Question: 20

The Atomic Bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima on:

Question: 21

The world's deadliest conflict was:

Question: 22

World War II was began in:

Question: 23

World War II was ended in:

Question: 25

The Arab conquest of sindh took place in:

Question: 26

Who laid the foundation of first independent Turkish kingdom in india?

Question: 27

The first movement launched against the British in India was:

Question: 28

Moplah rebelation of 1921 took place in

Question: 29

The most important feature of Government of india Act of 1919 was the introduction of:

Question: 30

The slogan of the French revolution was:

Question: 31

The war of roses, (1455-1485) in European history is associated with the:

Question: 32

Which was the Nepolean's last battle in which he was captured and excited to St.Helena:

Question: 33

The war of american independence was fought between

Question: 34

Hundred year war was fought in 1338-1453 between:

Question: 35

The seven-year war (1756-1763) was fought between

Question: 37

In which battle british forces led by Duke of Wellington defeated french forces led by Napolean Bona Parate:

Question: 38

First China war fought in 1840 between china and Britain is known as:

Question: 40

Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak in:

Question: 41

Golden Temple is sacred place of which religion:

Question: 42

Who is the founder of Taoism:

Question: 43

Taoism is followed in which of the following countries:

Question: 44

Taoism was founded in:

Question: 45

Tao-te-ching is the sacred book of:

Question: 46

Where was Jesus Christ Born:

Question: 47

Christianity is nearly ___ year old:

Question: 48

The Sacred place of Christains is :

Question: 50

The Tripitaka is sacred text of which religion:

Question: 51

Which of the following place is the place of worship of Buddhism:

Question: 52

Who was founder of Confucianism:

Question: 53

Confucianism was founded in:

Question: 54

The Lun Yu is sacred book of which religion:

Question: 55

Hinduism was founded how many years ago:

Question: 56

Judaism was founded in:

Question: 57

Torah is the religion text of which religion:

Question: 58

Synogogue is the place of worship of which religion:

Question: 59

Jurusalem is a sacred place for:

Question: 60

Name the person who Journeyed through china, India and other parts of asia from 1271-94

Question: 61

Name the person who discovered sea route from Europe to India:

Question: 63

Name the person who discovered Australia in 1606:

Question: 64

When was buddhism founded:

Question: 65

Confucianism is the main religion of:

Question: 66

Which among the following is the sacred text of the confucainists:

Question: 67

French revolution began in:

Question: 68

The battle of Plassey was fought in:

Question: 70

The Mohammad educational conference was founded in:

Question: 71

Magna carta was signed by king of England in:

Question: 72

Arya Samaj was founded in:

Question: 73

Mesopotamia is the old name of:

Question: 74

The wonder of the world "Taj Mahal" is situated in the indian state of:

Question: 75

Farmosa is the old name of:

Question: 76

The Famous oil painting of "Mona Lisa" is the creation of:

Question: 78

'Pascal Lamy' is the former:

Question: 79

When Quetta was devastated by a severe earthquake:

Question: 80

The epic poem "Shahnama" was written by:

Question: 81

Babar laid the foundation of mughal emporer in 1526 by defeating:

Question: 82

The court language of Mughals in india was:

Question: 83

Babar came to india originally from:

Question: 84

Humayun was removed from throne by:

Question: 85

Battle of Plassey was fought between Nawab Siraj-ud-Duala and :

Question: 86

The peacock throne was made for:

Question: 87

The last mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne was: