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Question: 1

After creation of Pakistan, first Newspaper was:

Question: 3

Headquarter of Pakistan Navy is situated in:

Question: 4

After 1947, first Radio station was Established in:

Question: 5

The first country which recognized Pakistan after its creation is:

Question: 6

When Pakistan became the member of UNO:

Question: 7

The state bank inaugurated in:

Question: 8

Dr. Abdus Salam was born in which city of Pakistan:

Question: 9

China Pakistan Economics Corridor (CPEC) total length:

Question: 10

Name the biggest Commercial Bank of Pakistan:

Question: 11

Nadra was established in:

Question: 12

NAB was established in:

Question: 13

Pakistan Awami Tahreekis the founder of:

Question: 14

How many times Nawaz Sahrif elected as a Prime minister:

Question: 15

Name the Highest Military award in Pakistan:

Question: 16

When Pakistan launched its first Currency note:

Question: 17

Largest Fort of Pakistan:

Question: 18

Pakistan recognized people republic of China in:

Question: 19

When Liaqat Ali Khan Assassinated:

Question: 20

Liquate Nehru Pact announced at Delhi in:

Question: 21

When East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan:

Question: 22

Mr: Z.A Bhutto represented Pakistan in Simla Agreement, who participated from India:

Question: 23

What is the total area of Pakistan:

Question: 24

After how many years did Pakistan get her first constitution:

Question: 25

What document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process:

Question: 26

When the Constituent Assembly passed the Objective Resolution:

Question: 27

When Mohammad Ali Bogra presented Bogra Formula in the assembly:

Question: 28

Who was Mohammad Ali Bogra:

Question: 29

When first constitution of Pakistan was enforced:

Question: 30

The first railway line in Pakistan was laid between:

Question: 31

Which of the following Nations have not signed CTBT:

Question: 33

How many Seaports are operational in Pakistan:

Question: 34

Which is military alliance had Pakistan as its member:

Question: 35

How many language in spoken in Pakistan:

Question: 36

Kalabagh Dam is Planned to be Built on the River:

Question: 37

CAA deals with:

Question: 38

Pakistan Railway factory is in:

Question: 39

Karachi remained Capital city of Pakistan from ................. to ...................:

Question: 42

NGO stands for:

Question: 43

PESCO stands for:

Question: 44

Old name of PIA:

Question: 45

Operation against Osama bin laden:

Question: 46

Recent military operation:

Question: 47

British Pakistani who won award for fiction:

Question: 49

Descending order of 5 civil awards of Pakistan:

Question: 50

Name the biggest Commercial Bank of Pakistan:

Question: 51

How many High Courts of Pakistan are there:

Question: 53

Full form of NADRA is:

Question: 54

Karachi Nuclear Power Plant was built with the help of:

Question: 56

First Pakistani woman to who reached the top of Mount Everest:

Question: 57

Which amendment relates with Shariah Bill:

Question: 58

Architecture of Faisal Mosque is:

Question: 59

Iran Pakistan gas pipeline is also called: pipeline:

Question: 60

Sui gas was found in:

Question: 61

Geophysical Center of Pakistan is in:

Question: 62

Pakistan Steel Mills is located in:

Question: 63

The third largest city of Pakistan is:

Question: 64

The largest Railway workshop Mughalpura is situated in:

Question: 65

Shakarparrian is situated in:

Question: 66

Pakistan Forest Institution is located in:

Question: 68

M.Ali Jauhar was born in India, died in England and buried in ___:

Question: 69

Jamrud Fort is located near ___:

Question: 72

Aerospace university of Pakistan is located in:

Question: 73

The art of writing in code words or cipher is called:

Question: 74

P.P.C stands for:

Question: 75

Name of the highest award of bravery in the police service of Pakistan:

Question: 76

National police academy is located in: