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Question: 2

Great victoria desert is present in:

Question: 3

Sea that separates Asia from Africa is:

Question: 4

Maximum wool Producing Country is:

Question: 5

Canberra is the capital of:

Question: 6

The second Largest Continent (by Area) of the World is:

Question: 7

Which country prime minister recently gave birth to a child becoming:

Question: 8

Nelson Mandela belongs to:

Question: 9

Which is Australia’s largest city by population:

Question: 10

Which country is completely surrounded by South Africa:

Question: 11

Which country recognizes the highest number of official languages:

Question: 12

Which country is also called "Rainbow Nation":

Question: 13

Africa has ___ of the total area of the earth:

Question: 14

The highest point of Africa is :

Question: 15

The lowest of Africa is:

Question: 16

Australia contains _____ of the total area of earth:

Question: 17

The highest point of Australia is:

Question: 18

The lowest point of Australia is: