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Question: 1

Which country is called the “Land of Golden Fibre”:

Question: 2

The country known as "the Land of White Elephant" is:

Question: 3

Which is second most populous country:

Question: 4

Smallest country in central Asia is:

Question: 5

Mount Everest in which country:

Question: 6

........................ is called, Land of mountains:

Question: 7

In which continent of world Pakistan is situated:

Question: 8

In which country is the volcano Mount ASO:

Question: 9

The largest continent of the world is:

Question: 10

Currency of Japan:

Question: 11

Capital of Bahrain is:

Question: 12

Mesopotamia is the old name of:

Question: 13

Persia is an old name of:

Question: 14

Where is Gobi Desert:

Question: 15

Bhat is the currency of:

Question: 16

Japan is located in which of the following continent:

Question: 17

The Currency of south korea is:

Question: 18

Capital of Bhutan:

Question: 19

Capital of East Timor:

Question: 20

Currency of Azerbaijan:

Question: 21

Which of the following is state:

Question: 22

Russia is connected with Alaska by which strait:

Question: 23

How many emirates are in United Arab Emirates (UAE):

Question: 24

38th Parallel is between:

Question: 25

The country Burma is now called:

Question: 26

Formosa is the old name of:

Question: 27

Dasht-e-Lut desert is located in:

Question: 28

Boundary Line between China and India is called: