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Question: 1

Bussiness letters produce immediate effect because they are:

Question: 2

Letters that please the receiver are called:

Question: 3

The purpose of a “no” response letter is to leave the reader with:

Question: 4

Form letters are also known as:

Question: 5

A memorandum (memo is considered a brief form of written communication for:

Question: 6

Simplicity in writing means essentially:

Question: 7

Writing a letter with “you-attittude” means writing:

Question: 9

The simplified style business letter has:

Question: 10

Modern business letters are usually written in:

Question: 11

Human resources management refers to:

Question: 12

The knowledge, education, training, skills and expertise of a firm’s workers is known as:

Question: 13

Human resources practices that support strategy include:

Question: 15

You have been tasked with building employee engagement at the firm you work for. Strategic human resources initiatives you would consider implementing include:

Question: 16

HR department staff members are traditionally involved in key operational responsibilities. Which of the following is an operational responsibility:

Question: 17

Difference between budgeted amounts and actual results is classified as:

Question: 18

A Larger number of manager subordinates and higher level manager are termed as:

Question: 19

A large size head1ine across the entire page is called:

Question: 20

A sheet containing facts and detailed information on any issue is known as:

Question: 21

What is meant by editorial note:

Question: 22

Bureaucracy of Pakistan is:

Question: 23

Administrative accountability is established in government organizations by:

Question: 24

Public Personnel Management in Pakistan is based on the principle of:

Question: 25

Communication runs faster in:

Question: 26

Formal relationship in an organization is based On:

Question: 27

The Ideal Model of bureaucracy is based on authority of:

Question: 28

Public Administration may be defined as:

Question: 29

____ is the study of how to create an organizational structure that leads to high efficiency and effectiveness:

Question: 31

Which of the following will not be considered as a formal organization:

Question: 32

The extent to which an organization complies with local, state and Federal Laws is:

Question: 33

The process by which a manager assigns some of his total work load to others is:

Question: 34

Administrative leadership’s character inspires confidence when it uses:

Question: 35

Administrative accountability must be accompanied by:

Question: 36

The organization is the act of designing administrative structure. It requires:

Question: 37

The categorization of functions with reference to their direct or indirect concern with the achievement of organizational goals is called as:

Question: 38

The individual performance equation is concerned with:

Question: 39

Assigning personal attributes to other individuals is known as:

Question: 40

Public Administration is the study of:

Question: 41

Organization structure primarily refers to:

Question: 42

The purpose of job enrichment is to:

Question: 43

A major problem with a task force type of management is:

Question: 44

According to Herzberg, which of the following is a maintenance factor:

Question: 45

Communication begins with:

Question: 46

Functional managers are responsible:

Question: 47

Policies are sometimes defined as a(n):

Question: 48

Forces affecting organizational behavior are:

Question: 49

In present context, challenges for OB are:

Question: 51

Organisational behavior is:

Question: 52

The field of organizational behavior is primarily concerned with:

Question: 53

Job satisfication have ____ related to absenteeism and turnover:

Question: 54

A basic element of data in a file

Question: 55

__________________ refers to the logical structuring of records:

Question: 56

Which of the following is not an appropriate criterion for file organisation:

Question: 57

__________ itself is a file owned by the operating system:

Question: 58

Which of the following isn’t a part of the file directory:

Question: 59

Allocated size of a file comes under:

Question: 60

Which of the following is not a part of the usage information:

Question: 62

The user can load and execute a program but cannot copy it. This process is:

Question: 63

In what order do managers typically perform the managerial functions:

Question: 64

Who of the following is the industrial philanthropist:

Question: 65

What are three interpersonal roles of manager’s:

Question: 66

Which one is not a key skill of management: